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I am a licensed clinical psychologist in San Francisco. With over 20 years experience in direct clinical practice, supervising and training intern therapists, and teaching parenting skills, I help clients develop and strengthen skills for managing and regulating challenging emotions, including anxiety and depression, and healing trauma.  I help clients develop and improve effective communication skills to create more satisfying and intimate relationships.  

I have extensive experience working with children/adolescents, parents, and families providing therapy and parenting/co-parenting support.

I specialize in working with
Adults, Children/Adolescents,

Couples, and Families

Managing Difficult Emotions

Therapy can help you identify and learn to manage uncomfortable feelings such as anxiety and depression that may be connected to stress and trauma.

Relationships &

Therapy can help you identify relational patterns, learn to strengthen your relationship-building and communication skills, heal relationship ruptures, and deepen intimacy and connection. 

Parenting &
Family Therapy​

Parenting, Co-Parenting, and Family therapy can help families strengthen communication, set healthy boundaries, and improve family relationships. 

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